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PDC-254 SURFACE Disinfection

 September 2020

MicroTek unveils updated portable disinfection cabinet to eliminate HAIs on handheld devices and other items 

​MicroTek Processes, a provider of UVC light disinfection solutions, introduced today the ​PDC-​254​ Series, a portable disinfection cabinet built to accommodate items such as keyboards​, mobile phones, medical instruments​, TV remote controls and other similar hand held items​.

The ​P​DC-​254​ eliminates deadly pathogens and healthcare acquired infections, such as MRSA, CRE and C. difficile. The PDC-254 cabinet is custom-made to decontaminate medical instruments, shared tools, medical tablets, keyboards, wired remote controls, cell phones, handheld communication devices and TV remotes.

Infection control is only effective when it is comprehensive and all encompassing, targeting not only general surfaces but also the tools, instruments and everyday items the PDC-254 is part of the overall decontamination process that should be utilised to combat HAIs viruses and bacteria.

​MicroTek’s PDC​-254​ ​disinfection cabinet​ is compact in size and designed for use ​wherever required as a​ portable​ system for hospitals, ​dentists, ​private practices, surgery centres, outpatient clinics and other healthcare facilities​ as well as hospitality applications such as restaurants, hotels ​.

MicroTek’s PDC-254 Series uses six UVC germicidal bulbs to kill HAIs such as MRSA, CRE and C. difficile. The PDC-254 disinfection cabinet feature a simple push button start for easy use. The PDC-254 cabinet features an Ultra-Pure Quartz Shelf which allows UVC light to reach the underside of any object positioned in the cabinet to allow 360° treatment, while its visual and audio display provides information about each decontamination cycle.

The PDC-254 disinfection cabinet is designed for daily use in disinfecting a wide range of hand held and portable products for patient care, administrative, diagnostic and entertainment tools. The cabinet is part of a comprehensive range of disinfection equipment and solutions available from MicroTek.

Allan Slater MD of MicroTek said: “We are extremely pleased with the incorporation of this product to our range of disinfection products. Our UV lamps are very versatile, and this enables us to design and develop “tailored” products to the customer’s requirements as well as having a portfolio of standard products covering fluid, surface and air purification applications”

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