MicroTek provides expertise in the delivery of Products, schemes, services, and developing effective technologies within the Food, Beverage, Water and allied industies. MicroTek cares about the environment and we are committed to conducting our business in an environmentally sustainable manner.

We accept that concern for the environment and sustainability should influence the services provided by MicroTek and be incorporated and promoted within those services.

In implementing our environmental policy MicroTek Processes will:

• Ensure compliance with all relevant environmental legislation and, where practical, comply with all relevant
codes of practice and the requirements set by our customers

• Take environmental impact into account in the planning, design and implementation of our projects and
contracts to help prevent pollution

• Incorporate environmental and sustainability considerations into our design standards and practices with
regard to the use of materials, energy consumption, waste disposal and recycling

• Provide appropriate environmental training for our own staff, working to promote environmental awareness
amongst our suppliers, contractors and partners

• Ensure that all our employees, contractors and suppliers of goods and services are informed of this policy, and
are aware of their responsibilities

• Strive to continually improve our performance and the effectiveness of our environmental management

We recognise that the operations at our own premises and facilities also have environmental consequences, and
through the corporate environmental framework we will ensure that this policy extends to cover the premises we
occupy and the materials we use.

We will ensure that these aims are met through the provision of an environmental management system framework
(EMS) that the Managing Director of the Business has overall responsibility for the implementation of Environmental
Policy within the Business.

Allan Slater
Managing Director, Microtek Processes Ltd