Air Treatment

MicroTek have a range of Innovative air treatment systems used for the purification of both open air in buildings and air that travels through closed ductwork. The units are supplied under the StreamTM TyphoonTM and VortexTM brands. The units themselves are designed specially to be either wall mounted or suspended from ceiling or closed duct applications.
The closed in-duct systems include a reflective barrier that also multiplies UV intensity providing a higher intensity that UV lamps alone cannot provide. This in turn provides much higher performance levels than those of other UV air treatment systems.

Air Sterilization
The wall and ceiling mounted purifiers are ideal for small and large room applications including offices, schools, food preparation areas, restaurants, doctors and dental surgeries.

The larger In-duct purifiers are ideally suited to produce sterile air for pharmaceutical and medical product manufacturing. It is also effective in protecting people in critical government and commercial buildings against airborne biological contaminants. Other applications include health care environments where clean air is critical.
The products can be integrated into HVAC systems or used as standalone systems for manufacturing and laboratory air supply systems to provide clean air for buildings, parts of buildings, manufacturing processes and other applications.

Experts in Microwave Technologies

Delivering innovative and effective turnkey solutions, process treatment technology and products.

Food & Beverage

Food and Beverage market including technology for ESL of drinks and beverages such as Milk, Orange juice, Smoothie drinks.

Providing The Full Turnkey Solution

MicroTek and its core team of Engineers have many years experience in providing full turnkey services.

Providing the full solution

Our customers are in the Pharmaceutical, Food Processing and the Fluidics industries.

Why choose MicroTEK?

MicroTek Processes is dedicated to providing products and services of the highest quality.

Performance and Reliability

Our formal Quality Management is system supported by all levels of management to achieve our goals.

Why Choose Us?

  • MicroTek and its core team of Engineers have many years experience in providing full turnkey engineering services.
  • Re-Engineering for manufacturability or improvement to a current design.
  • Integration of our products and processes into your current processes or new process.
  • Component design and build, Concept-Through-Completion.

What Client’s Say

The switch from heat treatment to the MicroTek powered lamps has actively improved the flavour of the companies syrups and greatly reduced production costs.
John Taylerson, Malmesbury Syrups