January 2021

MicroTek provides Bespoke manufacturing of customized UV-C products, in accordance with a customer’s specifications.

MicroTek has many standard UV products that cover the requirements of most of our customers. However, a number of clients have unique applications that require a more bespoke UV solution utilising UV with other processes such as filtration and Ultrasound.

Using our In-House knowledge and capabilities we can design and build custom, integrated UV solutions for our customers.

Building a bespoke product allows for flexibility, lower costs and process customisation

Projects recently completed include UV combined with filtration of various wash water applications for fruit and salad processors.

Allan Slater MD of MicroTek said: “We are pleased to have been able to provide the customer with a purpose designed system to suit their production requirements. Our UV lamps are very versatile, and this enables us to design and develop “tailored” products to the customer’s requirements as well as having a portfolio of standard products covering fluid, surface and air purification applications”

For further information, please contact: sales@microtekprocesses.com

About MicroTek Processes

MicroTek Processes is a Manufacturer and Distributor of specialised UV treatment processes and equipment

MicroTek have cost effective solutions to meet an ever-growing level of demand for its Air and Surface disinfection products as well as Food and Beverage treatment, Wastewater and Potable water treatment.

More information is available at www.microtekprocesses.com