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ESL Trials with Major Milk Processor

23rd February 2016

MicroTek Processes Ltd, a global provider of specialist UV systems is delighted to announce that they have been selected to undertake extensive trials with a Major milk manufacturer using their MP5 UV fluid treatment system.

The 8-chamber UV system being provided is the largest single unit manufactured to date by MicroTek for Extended shelf life applications and capable of treating varying milk flow rates. The customer needs a modular system that can be easily expanded upon to meet increasing factory production.

After initial trials with a 2-chamber system the client wanted to scale up to treat a full production line and a 8 chamber system was recommended.

After extensive testing and satisfactory results of the MicroTek system the client intends to roll the system out to other factories in the group and new facilities currently under construction.

Allan Slater CEO of MicroTek said: “We are extremely pleased with the outcome of this scheme as it affirms the system as a major contender for extended shelf life applications. Our UV lamps are very versatile and this enables us to design and develop “tailored” products to the customer’s requirements as well as having a portfolio of standard products covering fluid surface and air purification applications”

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