MicroTek Processes Ltd
Installation of Beverage Treatment System

30 th January 2015

MicroTek Processes Ltd, a global provider of specialist UV systems is delighted to announce the installation of an MP5 fluid treatment system for a major beverage manufacturer based in the US. The customer needed a modular system that can be easily expanded upon to meet increasing factory production.

After extensive pilot testing of the MicroTek system by the client both in their beverage processing facility and at the National Food Laboratory the full scale plant was installed and commissioned successfully.

Allan Slater CEO of MicroTek said: “We are please to have been able to provide the customer with a purpose designed system. Our UV lamps are very versatile and this enables us to design and develop “tailored” products to the customer’s requirements as well as having a portfolio of standard products covering fluid surface and air purification applications”

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About MicroTek Processes Ltd

MicroTek Processes Ltd is a Manufacturer and Distributor of specialised UV
treatment processes and equipment
MicroTek has developed cost effective solutions to meet an ever-growing level of
demand for disinfection systems for its food and beverage products as well as
Wastewater and potable water treatment. The company’s product portfolio
consists of Fluid disinfection systems, Air and Odor treatment systems and
Specialist lamps for industrial lighting applications.