MicroTek Processes Ltd
British Business Awards – Innovation award

4th November 2016


MicroTek Processes are pleased to announce that they have been awarded 1st place in the 2016 Innovation award as part of the British Business Awards in China. Organised by the British Chamber of Commerce Shanghai, the Awards recognise and promote excellence in innovation, enterprise and endeavor in the British and Chinese business communities.

MicroTek develop, manufacture and distribute a range of non-thermal sterilisation equipment, which uses ultraviolet light for the treatment of food and beverages.

MicroTek equipment and processes are a step-change improvement over existing UV technologies and dramatically enhance the performance of UV in food and beverage processing, improving the customer experience of the end product.

MicroTek systems are built around a specially designed UV generation system and depending on the product being treated, can also include the addition of ozone, ultrasound and other treatment systems to provide a complete package to the user.

Allan Slater MD of MicroTek said: “We are delighted in winning this award it further reinforces our achievements in providing the industry with a reliable and robust product.

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About MicroTek Processes Ltd

MicroTek Processes Ltd is a Manufacturer and Distributor of specialised UV treatment processes and equipment

MicroTek has developed cost effective solutions to meet an ever-growing level of demand for disinfection systems for its food and beverage products as well as Wastewater and potable water treatment. The company’s product portfolio consists of Fluid disinfection systems, Air and Odour treatment systems and Specialist lamps for industrial lighting applications.

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