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Air purification with the AUVS BioProtector™

 March 2020


MicroTek Processes, a global provider of specialist UV systems for the treatment of Air and Surfaces is delighted to announce the addition of the BioProtector™ range of air treatment systems to its portfolio of products.

MicroTek has the exclusive licence to manufacture and sell the AUVS BioProtector™ range of air treatment systems in the USA and Europe.

The AUVS system originally designed in conjunction with the US government to combat biological threats in government buildings and establishments has been rigorously tested to combat anthrax and smallpox and to kill other organisms such as SARS, bird flu virus, ordinary cold and flu viruses, etc.

The BioProtector™ in-duct air treatment systems can be easily integrated into an exisiting HVAC air duct system or manufacturing air supply system to kill airborne microorganisms. With the growing demand for clean treated air the system is ideal for environments such as, Hospitals ICU’s and Critical Care Environments, Food Manufacturing Facilities, and Clean-Rooms as well as Schools, Hotels, Shopping Malls and areas of high population.

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Allan Slater MD of MicroTek said: “We are extremely pleased with the incorporation of this product line. Our UV lamps are very versatile, and this enables us to design and develop “tailored” products to the customer’s requirements as well as having a portfolio of standard products covering fluid, surface and air purification applications”

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